My Philosophy | Dr. Amin Amini


As a neurosurgeon, I treat patients with urgent, life threatening or debilitating conditions. I understand how difficult it is to be faced with illness and how intimidating it can be to choose a surgeon. At Center for Brain and Spine, my staff and I want to hear your concerns and make you comfortable with your choice.

I believe in treating the patient first, then the illness. I listen to and educate each patient before we, together, decide on the appropriate course of treatment. I review tests and images with each patient and discuss all surgical and non-surgical options in detail. I encourage my patients to ask questions because I believe that an informed patient will make a better decision.

The best care comes from a multidisciplinary approach, which means partnering with your primary care doctor and any other specialists to design a comprehensive and innovative approach to any disorder, simple or complex. I believe in and offer the least invasive surgical option with the goal of getting my patients right back to their daily lives. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing a patient return to his or her family within a day or two of surgery, finally relieved of a debilitating condition.

Center for Brain & Spine is committed to excellence in every aspect of our practice. We believe in a highly personalized, minimally invasive, and cutting edge neurosurgical care with compassion as a priority.

Thank you for visiting our website. I wish you the best of health.

Amin Amini, MD, MSc, FAANS